Rachel Berry (bestsingerever) wrote,
Rachel Berry


Artie, I hope that the card I brought you proves to be satisfactory. I think that "Walking On Sunshine" perfectly exemplifies the idea that though you may have been in an unsatisfactory position right then, soon you would be out of the hospital and metaphorically "walking on sunshine". And I was correct, wasn't I? Also, you will be able to think of me whenever you look at it. You should thank Jesse for the suggestion, I would have never come up with it without his help.

Once we got out of that hospital with all of the sick people in it, Jesse and I had a fairly good "date". I put quotes around it because it wasn't a real date, because Jesse and I don't know if we're really back together yet (I know that all of you were wondering this). But the food was really nice.
Tags: artie abrams, glee club, jesse st. james
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