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Jesse and I are no longer a couple. Jesse is also no longer a member of New Directions. As many of you initially feared, he was spying for Vocal Adrenaline all along, meaning that everything he ever said to any of us was nothing but a ploy to get us to trust him so that he could bring us down from within.

Vocal Adrenaline knows our setlist for Regionals and has recordings of some of the songs that we've been practicing. Apparently, they also have a detailed dossier on every one of our members. Regionals is practically hours away and in one fell swoop, we have been reduced to square one.

I'm aware that many of you are probably angry at me right now. I probably would be too, if I were in your situation. I would appreciate it if you waited until I was out of earshot to trash talk me, however. I'm not quite sure how much more I can handle today.
Tags: betrayal, jesse st. james, regionals, vocal adrenaline
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